Hello There

From one Jesus girl to another: life can get messy sometimes.

Are you in the middle of that mess, friend? Whether you’re struggling to see what God is doing, or just need a little encouragement for the journey, you’re in the right place. He’s ready to meet you where you are – and so am I.


I’m (kind of) a hot mess.

I regularly start my day rocking a messy bun, double-fisting coffee, carrying a minimum of three bags, can’t find my keys (again), and it’s a fifty-fifty shot on whether I’m going to make my train.  It never seems like there’s enough time in the day for work, school, marriage, kids, meals…oh yeah, and Jesus.  Do you struggle to find time for Jesus at all, let alone put Him first?  Maybe instead of trying to find a way to meet Him outside of the mess, we should start finding Him in it.

That’s what this blog is all about.  You and I can’t keep waiting to get un-messy.  The journey doesn’t get easier, it just gets different.  I don’t know where you are right now: bright-eyed at the beginning, relieved to be at the end, or smack dab in the middle of the mess.  But I do know that you and I can’t do this life alone…and we don’t have to.



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You’ve stumbled across my blog, and I’d love to help you stumble across a few others.  Staying fed spiritually is key to keeping your eyes on Jesus, and these women offer wisdom, practical advice, and point us right back to the Word.

Fave Reads

I love to read, although finding the time can be difficult!  Let me save you some – check out these books by some of my favorite authors on the topics of identity, marriage, parenting, prayer, and more.  Happy reading!


I love a pretty printable with substance!  Check out this page to download PDFs.  Put them in your console, hang them on the fridge, stick them in your Bible: wherever they live, just be encouraged!


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