Blogs I Follow

You’ve stumbled across my blog, and I’d love to help you stumble across a few others.  Staying fed spiritually is key to keeping your eyes on Jesus, and these women offer wisdom, practical advice, and point us right back to the Word.

  • Caitlin Henderson,  She loves Jesus, coffee, and the view from her Kansas farmhouse front porch. And she is passionate about encouraging other farm wives with faith, laughter, and true tales of her own farm failures.
  • Charlotte Gambill,  Charlotte is an author, speaker, pastor, and mother; she leads LIFE Church in England with her husband Steve.
  • Jen Weaver,  Join her adventures as a writer, pastor, mom, wife, and lover of Jesus living in North Texas.
  • Kelli Bachara,  Unraveling the lies women believe everyday.
  • Kristin Lemus,  Brave Moms is a movement of moms joining together to leave weariness behind. They believe that God’s heart is to equip and sustain us in motherhood.